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In ancient times, only a select few were chosen to learn the secret teachings of the mystery schools -- schools of esoteric knowledge concealed from the masses. These teachings were passed down by word of mouth from the priests, priestesses, royalty, and Ascended Masters, kept hidden and encrypted from those outside the schools.

Now, many of those teachings are ready to be shared, and it's time to learn from the Ascended Masters themselves... 

If you're here, it's probably because you realize this: 

The life you desire will not create itself. You will be the one to create it. Because you are far more powerful than you ever realized.

And you know that requires commitment, dedication to your highest potential, curiosity, openness, and consistently expanding your mind. It also means excitement, play, fun, trust, and mystery. 

Because that's how the universe works -- the beautiful mystery reveals exactly what we need to know, when we need to know it.

We're at a time on the planet where ancient teachings and sacred information are ready to come to light so people can truly co-create their realities -- teachings on intuition, manifestation, psychic abilities, working with energy, reprogramming your thoughts, and more. The Ascended Masters and light beings are ready to guide us. 

The Oracles have turned online to share these messages.

Enter: Ascension School -- a modern mystery school of channeled teachings from a range of Ascended Masters and light beings, oracle messages, and trainings on energy work, intuition, spiritual systems, and spiritual skills.  


As a member, you will receive access to weekly live channeling events featuring different topics chosen by the community, group Ahai energy healing calls, the soul-centered community, plus hundreds of meditations & channeled messages!

The Daily Oracle


A daily channeled message delivered straight to your email inbox each morning to set the tone for your day, inspire & guide you in your physical journey.

*included in Tier 1, 2, & 3

Meditation Activations Library


Each month, Christina will upload a new meditation that will be added to the vast meditation library. These meditations are designed to raise your frequency, shift your subconscious thoughts, and activate your energy body!

*included in Tier 2 & 3

Weekly Live Channeled Calls


Join the weekly Live Channeling experience - tune in for calls each Wednesday with Christina the Channel for an elevated message to guide you in your ascension practice.

*included in Tier 3

Monthly Astrology Updates


Each month, you will receive a new Astrology update with the overall monthly energy, per area of life, plus the theme of the month for your zodiac sign.

*included in Tier 1, 2 & 3

Ascension School Foundations


A library of foundational videos to help you learn simple energy work you can use for yourself, manifestation, and intuition.

*included in Tier 2 & 3

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AWAKEN - $11 / month 


Join & receive: 

‚ú® Community Forum

✨ The Daily Oracle - delivered to your email inbox 

‚ú® Monthly Astrology Update

✨ Monthly Energy Update for each Zodiac Sign 

ACTIVATE - $44 / month 


Join & receive: 

‚ú® Everything in AWAKEN (Tier 1), PLUS...

‚ú® Immediate access to the full Meditation Activations Portal filled with daily meditations embedded with energy healing

✨ Immediate access to the  Ascension School foundations library to learn simple energy healing practices, how to unlock your intuition, and manifestation. 

✨Access to ONE Live Channeling Call per month! You will also receive access to the recordings. 


ASCEND - $111 / month 


Join & receive:  

‚ú® Everything in AWAKEN and ACTIVATE (Tiers 1 & 2 ), PLUS...

✨ Exclusive Access to the Weekly Live Channeling Sessions with Christina every Wednesday at 4pm PST. These sessions include Channeling on many different topics that are chosen by the community. Examples are spirit babies, twin flames, soul contracts, + so much more! They also include Ahai 7D Energy Healing ceremonies, and integration Q&A calls. *always recorded & uploaded to the portal in case you can't make it live

‚ú® Exclusive VIP Pricing for online courses & programs

‚ú® First-Access to launches, retreats & live events




Intuitive Channel, Best-Selling Author, & Founder of Ahai 7D Energy Healing

Christina is an intuitive channel, energy healer, 4x best-selling author, and founder of Ahai 7D Energy Healing. She is also the host of her own podcast of 8 years: multidimensional. with Christina the Channel, and founder of spiritual lifestyle brand, QRTZ.

Christina works as a bridge between realms, sharing transformational channeled messages from a number of different Ascended Masters and teaching others how to work with energy to create lasting change in their lives. Christina has worked with countless CEOs, founders, celebrities, & professionals looking to optimize their performance, find full alignment, and create freedom in their lives by mastering the energetics of money, health, and relationships. 

After battling multiple chronic illnesses ‚Äď and becoming a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner to help herself and others heal through nutrition ‚Äď Christina realized there was still a missing piece to her healing journey: spirituality. She was able to transform her life and build a 7-figure business by 25 through energetic work, rewiring her brain, and manifestation, and she went on to download Ahai 7D ‚Äď a powerful new form of energy healing.

Christina has helped thousands of people master manifestation, reconnect with their intuition, and reach their highest potential through her monthly membership, live workshops, and transformational programs. 

You think you know spirituality until you’ve heard about it from a higher dimensional being.

You have innate soul gifts that are ready to reach their next level. Keeping your frequency high is a daily commitment to living as your most authentic self and trusting the voice of your soul. The channeled messages in Ascension School are here to help you do just that. Miracles are the norm here ;)

Commitment is how your gifts continue to flourish and manifestation becomes your natural way of being. This is what we call frequency work -- consistently keeping your field aligned and clear so your vibration stays high. Ascension School was created as a container that allows you to simply show up and receive! Receiving channeled information is much like receiving energy work - you just have to show up.

Ascension School is home to weekly Live Channeling sessions with beings such as the Oracle for those that are ready to really, fully activate their highest frequency and unique mission. With the Oracle, and every higher dimensional being, it‚Äôs not so much what they say but the frequency with which they deliver the message. This is why no matter the medium (text, audio, video, etc.), channeled messages of any kind are meant to be returned to again and again ‚Äď they offer different healing and activation each and every time.

Christina, as a Channel, offers herself as a vessel for higher dimensional Beings to come through and share wisdom that is needed on the planet at this time. Their perspective is unique because it is ego-less, and highly intelligent. The live channeling calls are an energy vortex where the highest healing, love, and wisdom can be transmitted in a concentrated container. Members often speak about time feeling not real during these sessions!

Are you ready to be forever changed?

ASCEND, our most popular offering, features weekly calls that include a mix of Ahai 7D Energy Healing ‚Äď so you're receiving energy work each week ‚Äď along with a live channeling call where channeled messages will come through from different beings. Every week will be different depending on the energy! This portal option is ideal for the person who is truly committed to living their highest potential, unlocking their gifts, and activating their mission. If you are truly ready to expand your consciousness, this is for you.¬† don't have to do it alone. Ascension School is home to an amazing community of like-minded souls, and is a safe space to explore all spiritual topics. 

This is your Modern Mystery School to embody your highest self. Are you ready to ascend? ;)



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  • The Daily Oracle delivered straight to your inbox

  • Community Forum for connection¬†

  • Monthly Astrology Update

  • Monthly Energy Update for each Zodiac sign
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  • Unlimited access to the Meditation Activations & Ascension School Library
  • Access to ONE live channeling call per month! (and the recordings)
  • The Daily Oracle delivered straight to your inbox

  • Community Forum for connection¬†

  • Monthly Astrology Update

  • Monthly Energy Update for¬†each¬†Zodiac sign
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  • Weekly Live Channeling Oracle Sessions with Christina every Wednesday at 4pm PST (*all sessions are recorded so you can watch replays if you can't make it live.)
  • Monthly Ahai 7D Energy Healing (one of the weekly calls each month is swapped out for Ahai energy healing)
  • Unlimited access to the Meditation Activations & Ascension School Library
  • Exclusive VIP Pricing for online courses & programs
  • First-Access to launches, retreats & live events
  • The Daily Oracle delivered straight to your inbox

  • Community Forum for connection¬†

  • Monthly Astrology Update

  • Monthly Energy Update for¬†each Zodiac sign
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