Going through a spiritual awakening can be confusing, lonely, and overwhelming. 


Your entire world feels like it’s getting turned upside down.

You start to question everything you’ve ever been taught, every relationship in your life, your career path, how you spend your time, and what your purpose really is. 

You realize there’s a much bigger mission for you – but what is it? 

You realize there’s so much more out there than you’ve been taught…so much more available to you. Manifestation, spirit guides, energy…

What does it all mean? 

And how do you take advantage of it?!


You start to contemplate the bigger, deeper questions more than ever before.

Why are we here? 

What’s the point of all of this? 

What do I really want? 

What is happiness? 

What’s “real”? 

What’s true? 

Who or what else is out there?

You don’t even know where to begin. 

Or maybe you’ve tried, but you still feel stuck. You don’t really have anyone to talk to about it. 

You feel caught in the “Dark Night of the Soul,” and don’t know how to get out. 

Google isn’t helping you. 

You get bits and pieces of information here and there – but you wish it was all in one place. A roadmap laid out of you. 


You’re wondering…


How do I manifest?!

What does “3D” vs “5D” even mean? 

How do I get to 5D?

What’s a starseed?

How can I start talking to my spirit guides?

How do I figure out my purpose?

Does everyone have psychic abilities? How do I start using them? 

Why am I becoming so sensitive and emotional? 

Does anyone else understand what I’m going through?

Am I crazy?!?!

You start craving deeper connection. 


You’re truly ready to align with your purpose. 

You’re looking for more

You want to learn how to work with the universe. 

You explore the spiritual space, but half of what people say makes no sense to you. It feels overwhelming, ungrounded, and too foreign to grasp. You’re so interested in it, but it’s a little too woo. Isn’t there a bridge somewhere?

You know there are answers for you somewhere…

You feel caught between worlds…and you know you can’t go back to the old one. 


The thing about a spiritual awakening is this: it starts out by pushing you into what feels like the lowest of lows, where everything you thought you believed is flipped on its head, and where everything your identity is attached to feels like it’s ripped from your hands. Everything shifts and you know there’s no going back. 


But what starts out feeling like the darkest hole you’ve ever been in is the catalyst for you reaching the greatest happiness you could ever experience, the highest alignment & joy you’ve always been looking for, the relationships you’ve always been craving, and the purpose you’ve been seeking so deeply. 

On the other side of it, you realize that being “asleep” was never really living, and that awakening is actually the greatest gift. 


It’s coming back home to yourself.

Awakening Accelerator is your crash course on navigating your spiritual awakening,

so you can move beyond the confusion and start manifesting what you want, working with your intuition, finding soul-aligned relationships, and stepping into your mission.

I'm Ready!


  • Why feeling like everything is crumbling down around you is part of aligning with your purpose
  • Navigating relationships, changing desires, and body shifts during a spiritual awakening
  • What it really means to be a soul incarnated in a physical body 
  • How energy flows in the universe
  • How to master your soul lessons and what soul contracts are 
  • Finding soul family 
  • What 3D vs 5D means and how to shift into 5D
  • How to start working with the “universe” 
  • How to get signs from the universe
  • How to work with and communicate with your spirit guides
  • How to tune into your intuitive gifts (everyone has them) 
  • What it means to raise your vibration & how to do it
  • How to manifest what you want 
  • How to deal with being an empath 
  • Protecting your energy & balancing your energy body 
  • Balancing masculine & feminine energy 
  • Daily spiritual practices to help you keep your energy field clear, balanced, & aligned

 This self-paced course is jam-packed with everything you need to know to navigate or jumpstart your spiritual awakening so you can get out of the heaviness and into the magic!

one-time payment: $222

Inside you will receive:

your own personal portal including

  • Over 6 hours of immersive content
  • Over 20 videos covering each topic related to navigating your spiritual journey in-depth
  • Q&A recording covering your most asked questions

Most people assume that I’ve been spiritual my entire life, but that was definitely not the case. I felt like most of my life I was in a “Dark Night of the Soul,” but I definitely didn’t use that term.


I always felt like I was missing something.

Like there was something more out there, but I didn’t know what it was. Like there had to be a greater purpose to all of this. I was depressed, anxious, and lonely. It wasn’t until multiple chronic illnesses pushed me to my brink and I was forced to shut down my business that I finally explored spirituality, and my entire life opened up from there.


I felt like my whole world turned upside down. I started to realize that I had access to so much more information and had so many more abilities than I even knew. That I was psychic!


That things I saw in movies and thought were fiction were actually true. That I could shift my entire reality with my intention, beliefs, and energy. That I had been lied to again and again by “the system.” That mainstream media was all programming. That we were literally in a matrix. That most things labeled a conspiracy theory were actually true. 

As crazy as so much of it sounded at the beginning, deep in my heart I just knew it was all real. My ego and mind had some resistance, but my inner knowing was stronger. I felt like, I should think this is all crazy, but why don’t I?

One of the hardest parts of a spiritual awakening is feeling alone. One of the other hardest parts is feeling like all of your paradigms are shattering, and you don’t know where to go from there. 

Okay, so nothing is really as it seems. But now what?!?! How does this really work?!?! How do I know what’s real and what’s not? How do I access my gifts? How do I find my purpose?!

Where do I go from here?!

I struggled with these questions myself, amidst the ego deaths and shattered identity. I felt forced to surrender. Everything I thought made me me, I realized didn’t. I didn’t know who I was and had to figure it out. Everything I attached my identity to was pulled away. So I had to look inward. I knew there were answers for me somewhere, but so much of the spirituality space felt unapproachable. 

I read about spiritual awakenings and knew I was in one…but I had no idea what to do next. 

Awakening Accelerator is everything I wish I had during my spiritual awakening.


These are concepts I’ve guided hundreds of people through individually, and now it’s going all in one place so there is a clear resource to help you avoid spending years in the dark trying to figure out how to get out of that low, confusing place. 

More people are waking up now more than ever before, and this program will support anyone feeling overwhelmed so they can shift from confusion to empowerment. 

Because there’s nothing more empowering than remembering your truth, and accessing your highest potential. 

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