Learn how to work with the energy of your business so you can achieve more, work less and finally feel flow in any business model.

Are you working non-stop and still not achieving the results you want?

Feeling burnt out?

Do you feel like you're doing everything right in your business but it's still not flowing?

Noticing that what used to work in your business doesn't seem to move the needle anymore?

The real question is - are you working for your business, or is your business working for you? So many entrepreneurs get caught up in the lifestyle of hustling, constantly working, and thinking if they do more they’ll get better results.
The truth is - most people work a lot more on their business than they need to. Most people are trying to force flow in their business, and they wonder why they’re so exhausted.  Most entrepreneurs are unintentionally in their own way, and in the business’s way.
So, how do you start collaborating with your business so it works with you and for you?


It's time to start running your business in 5D. 


If you’re realizing that what used to work for your business isn’t getting you the same results anymore, then you’re not alone. If you feel repulsed or exhausted by just the thought of implementing all of the strategies you’ve learned to grow your business, you’re not alone.

As you raise your vibration, you’ll notice that the old business strategies aren’t aligned anymore. When you’re a conscious entrepreneur, your intuition will tell you something is not in alignment when you feel exhausted, drained, or like you’re fighting an uphill battle. 

Let’s not forget why you started your own business - freedom, creativity, excitement. Has that gotten lost along the way?

It’s time to change the way you run your business – it’s time to CO-CREATE rather than micromanage your business and try to stuff it in a box. Most entrepreneurs don’t realize that by trying to control their business, they’re actually suffocating it. ...What does it look like to run your business in 5D?

A 5D Business is:


a co-creation - you’re co-creating with the consciousness of the business itself, and the universe

> a loving, committed relationship that allows you to receive

> focused on mission over ego 

> feels like flow instead of resistance

> keeps you excited, creative, and energized

> plays to your strengths

> a contribution TO you rather than an energy drain

> following your intuition rather than doing what your brain thinks "should" work

> the balance of your masculine & feminine energy and that of the business


Breaking Down Biz Energetics:


> Understanding how energy flows in your business, between you and your business, and between your business and customers / clients so you can be fully open to receiving

> Understanding your relationship with your business & how it affects the flow

> Uncovering the energy of your business and how to work with its consciousness 

> Learning about YOU and how your energy + past impacts your current business

Source is the New Algorithm.


How can you and your business work together to create more flow & create bigger impact?

When you understand BUSINESS ENERGETICS, the aligned strategy naturally follows. You can apply these energetic teachings to any business or model – these are lifelong skills that will support you throughout all iterations of your biz or any new businesses you might start. 

If you’re feeling frustrated with algorithms, ads, reach…stop trying to force it to work. There’s an easier way. Take the power back into your hands.


In Biz Energetics you will learn: 

  • How to optimize the relationship between you and your business
  • Balancing masculine & feminine energy in your business 
  • How to take aligned action & how to know what that is 
  • Ways you might unintentionally be getting in the business’s way 
  • How to energetically supercharge your business 
  • How to attract ideal clients / customers 
  • How resting more can make you more money 
  • Healing your relationship with money 
  • How to direct the flow of energy in your business 
  • Energetic blocks in your business that are keeping clients / customers away
  • The energetics of different platforms and the best ways to grow your biz (despite annoying algorithms)
  • Manifestation in business 
  • Expanding time in your business
  • Business boundaries & how they open up the flow of energy in the business
  • Identifying where your ego is blocking the flow of energy in your biz
  • Increasing visibility in your business energetically  
  • How to make aligned decisions for your business effortlessly so you’re not stopped by paralysis analysis 
  • How to let your business guide you to the path of optimal flow

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