Join Christina for a virtual book club to take a deep dive into all aspects of Manifestation Mastery: How to Shift your Reality & Co-Create with the Universe.


Over the next 6 months, we will be exploring each section of the book together, unlocking deeper levels of meaning and new insights!

There will be a live call each month to cover a portion of the text, where Christina will explain the book’s teachings in a new way to help you uncover a deeper understanding of the many layers of the text.
This is your opportunity to read, re-read and unlock parts of Manifestation Mastery that you may not have accessed - yet!

Manifestation Mastery is a trance channeled text from an energy called the Monarch Being. 

In Manifestation Mastery: How to Shift Your Reality and Co-Create with the Universe, the Monarch Being explains the energetics of attraction, how manifestation really works, and how you can reclaim your innate power to truly co-create the reality of your dreams. This text will help you become the director of your own life, reconnect with your sense of purpose, and feel empowered to show up as your most authentic self. 

As a channeled text, you will truly get something different out of this book every time you read it. There are infinite dimensions to understanding the messages within, and this deep dive will be a space where Christina can share more about what the Monarch Being is sharing in each section – information that isn’t necessarily directly stated in the text.  

This deep dive experience is meant to help you fully unlock the many layers to this text so you can access what the Monarch Being is telling YOU, and how this text plays a role in the current stage of your life.


Manifestation Mastery will expand your belief of what is possible.

Throughout the text, you’ll learn how the energetics of manifestation work so you can truly co-create your life and effortlessly magnetize the abundance, money, health, relationships, and opportunities your soul desires!


This Book Club is for you if:

you have already started reading, or have completed the book

you are ready to dive into Manifestation Mastery for the very first time and want accountability & support as you go through it!

> you have read portions of the book, but are ready to dive into the deeper meaning of what the book is telling YOU and access more layers of the information more quickly

> you want to hear from Christina and the Monarch Being directly about what each section of the book really means 

> you want to learn how to truly apply this information in your life with practical examples


Discerning your Message from Manifestation Mastery:


If you have already started going through the text, you know that there is a LOT of valuable information in this book. Going through a text like this together will give you the opportunity to not only connect with the words - but with the frequency and the energy of the information and how it is meant for YOU.

Your questions will be answered and new questions will undoubtedly arise!

Receiving the Book.


To be best prepared, it is recommended to have a hard copy of the book in your hands!

This way you can follow along live and take notes in the book!



How It Works: 

- We will have a 90 minute virtual call each month for the next 6 months 

- Every call will be recorded so you can watch the replay

- The date and time of each call will be emailed out prior to each month 

- Our first call will be in June, and details will be emailed to you after you sign up!

- If you can’t make a call live, you can always email in any questions you might have beforehand!


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