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The Story of Ahaiā„¢Ā 

Ahaiā„¢ was gifted to Christina Rice on August 8th, 2020. A group of angels and light beings explained to Christina that this 7th dimensional energy worked at the miracle frequency and would be crucial as the collective moved from 3D to 5D. They explained that this healing modality was a type of ā€œenergy technologyā€ that could help heal and activate on a deep level, to support our transition and upgrades as a collective, specifically with dormant DNA reactivation & light body upgrades. These Angels of Activation, Light Beings, & Divine Feminine energies trained Christina in using Ahai and its associated symbols, as well as how to attune others.

Ahai is stronger than other healing modalities and works more quickly, but only certain bodies can hold the frequency. Working with this energy requires an extensive amount of work on the energy body and raising your vibration to being attuned, which is why the training process occurs over a longer period of time. Self-healing always comes first. Those who channel Ahai energy will work with a number of angels, light beings, and Divine Feminine energies, and will be trained in a number of intuitive modalities.Ā 

"I've seen physical miracle healings, deep emotional release and healing, huge spiritual awakenings, massive manifestations... I believe my role is to spend more time training, and attuning others in Ahai than giving it myself - so more people can receive this energy."


- Christina the Channel

How Does Ahaiā„¢ Work?


A practitioner who has been attuned to Ahaiā„¢ energy will act as a channel for the energy and send it to the receiver via distance or in-person (holding hands on or above the client), while the receiver relaxes.

Ahai is a powerful form of energy that works to rebalance the energy body and raise the receiverā€™s vibration.

Everyone has a different experience when receiving Ahai, but some common experiences during a session are relaxation, calming, heat, chills, tingles, emotional release, openness, expansion, and pain reduction or elimination. It feels like receiving pure love and light. Ahai practitioners are also trained in other intuitive / psychic gifts and will be able to offer deeper intuitive insight, if the client wishes to receive that information for a deeper experience.

This transformational healing helps with physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks.Ā 

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Benefits of Ahaiā„¢


Because Ahaiā„¢ is a 7th dimensional energy, it is very powerful and can facilitate rapid transformation.
It can promote physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual healing, realign the energy body, reactivate your intuitive abilities, raise your vibration, amplify your manifestation practice, and reactivate your cosmic DNA. No results are guaranteed, and these sessions are not / should not be considered as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. That being said, some clientsĀ have anecdotally reported experiencing complete remission of chronic issues and almost immediate reactivation of their intuitive gifts.Ā 

Many who have experienced other forms of energy healing in the past notice a profound difference when they receive Ahaiā„¢ - it is stronger and works more quickly. The number of sessions recommended will depend on the client and his or her intentions, but most clients feel best receiving 1-5 sessions when targeting a specific concern. For those interested in energetic maintenance & regular upgrades, 1-2 times a month is recommended.Ā Ā 

Why People are LOVING Ahaiā„¢ Energy Healing


Find an Ahai™ 7D Healer 

Christina Rice, Founder & Ahaiā„¢ Master HealerĀ 


Brandy Falcon,Ā Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

I help women overcome anxiety, disconnection, and diminished personal power so they feel vibrantly healthy on every level.
Virtual & In-Person (Belmont, CA)
InstagramĀ |Ā WebsiteĀ | YouTube
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Breanna Thompson,Ā Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

I help entrepreneurs heal their deep rooted money blocks to create more abundance, prosperity, & money in their life & business.
VirtualĀ Sessions
InstagramĀ |Ā WebsiteĀ |Ā Podcast
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Caitlin Kirkpatrick, Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

Book a Session |Ā Instagram


Chelsea Murn Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

6-Figure Business Mentor & 7D Energy Healer
I specialize in helping women business owners connect back to their bodies to dramatically increase trust in themselves, live in alignment with their higher selves and expand their capacity for wealth.
Virtual & In-Person (Leavenworth, WA)
Instagram | WebsiteĀ | Podcast
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Courtney Otten,Ā Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

I help people heal from physical health issues through subconscious retraining, nervous system work, & energy healing.
VirtualĀ Sessions
InstagramĀ |Ā WebsiteĀ |Ā PodcastĀ 
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Dan Li, Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

Energy healing with voice channel of Divine Mothers guides you towards a more beautiful you.
Book a SessionĀ |Ā YouTubeĀ |Ā Instagram


Denise Dillon,Ā Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

Registered nurse with years of experience mentoring peers to become the best version of themselves.
Virtual & In-Person (Upper Peninsula of Michigan/Northern Wisconsin)
Book a SessionĀ Ā 

Ā Ā 

Drew Renee,Ā Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

The Galactic Shaman. Corporate/Business Energy HealingĀ + 1-1 Shadow Integration, Step into Your Power. In-Person 1-1 Sessions (Atlanta, GA + Los Angeles, CA (coming soon!))
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Emily Schulte,Ā Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

Virtual & In-Person (Palatine, IL)
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Hayley Ladds,Ā Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

Virtual & In-Person (Queensland, Australia)
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Jamie Morrissey, Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

I help healers get back to the roots of who they really are with energy healing, herbalism & human design. Sessions address all levels of who you are - physical, emotional, mental and energetic. All services are virtual/remote.
Book a Session | Website


KateĀ Tritschler,Ā Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

I help guide and support you in activating your inner light and make radical transformation to live a life that inspires you.
VirtualĀ Sessions
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Lindsay Hayward, Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

Book a Session | InstagramĀ 


Mallory Maran,Ā Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

Book a SessionĀ |Ā Instagram


Melanie Keller ND, Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

As a naturopathic doctor and epigenetic intuitive, I help people understand their bodies and lives better so that they can take part in their own rescue by having the curated care they need for optimal epigenetic health.
Website |Ā InstagramĀ |Ā LinkedInĀ |Ā Facebook


Megan Safford Nishibori, Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

Ahai 7D Energy Healing Sessions that offer energetic alignment and transformation, supportive tools and deep witnessing in service to your well-being
WebsiteĀ Ā 

Ā Ā 

Melissa Hart,Ā Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

"Specializing in ā€œWE TOGETHER HEALā€ Live & online group and couple events. The magic of Oneness.Ā 
Book a Session |Ā Instagram
Ā Ā 

Mollie Lowery, Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

Mollie is a quantum healer and spiritual mentor that uses Ahai, breathwork, channeled guidance, and brain rewiring to help people heal on a deep subconscious level, reprogram their reality, and align with their soul's path. She does virtual & in-person sessions, as well as healing retreats in Costa Rica.
WebsiteĀ |Ā Instagram

Olivia Marie, Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

I specialize in emotional release to relieve the body of stagnantĀ energy contributing to blocks both emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. I currently takeĀ clientsĀ virtually and also work aĀ lot with the Akashic Records.Ā 
WebsiteĀ | InstagramĀ 


Page Mitchum, Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

I help people get clear on what they want, remove the energetic blockages, and connect them to divine love and their own intuation paving the way to their desires, or something better!
WebsiteĀ |Ā InstagramĀ 


Ruth Dubintsov,Ā Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

I am here to help you remember the light that is already within you, and to help ignite that light. I am here to energetically uplift, empower, and support you as walk your life journey.
VirtualĀ Sessions
InstagramĀ |Ā Book a Session


Sandy Yang, Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

I help people uplevel their lives with energy healing, human design, and brain rewiring.
Book a Session |Ā InstagramĀ |Ā Podcast

Sara Doane, Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

Drawing on my minimalist methodology, I guide you through energetic clearing for a lifestyle of alignment & ease.
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Shirley Newman, Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

I help people to release trapped energies, emotional release, physical or mental imbalances, Chakra Balancing helping you become aligned with your soul purpose.
Website | Instagram

Sinead Cracknell, Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

Trauma Healing | Energetics | Akashic Records
Empowering Ambitious Visionary CEOs to create Heart&Soul-Led Biz,Ā Shift Paradigms &Ā Become a magnet for More wealth & abundanceĀ 
Virtual & In-Person County (Galway, Ireland)
WebsiteĀ |Ā InstagramĀ |Ā YouTube

Susan Diane Utter,Ā Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

Thank you for stopping at my name! If you are wanting to deep dive into sticky, slow moving, ages old stuff; I am your person. I have a background in clinical psychology and EMDR, we can get it done!
Virtual sessions & In-person (San Francisco, CA)
Website |Ā InstagramĀ Ā 


Tamara "TLotus" Hill, Ahaiā„¢ Practitioner

I help people heal mind, body, and soul so they can consciously create their most incredible life!
Book a Session |Ā Ā InstagramĀ | Website

*All practitioners attuned to Ahaiā„¢ 7D Healing as certified practitioners are posted on this list.

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